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Have You Secured Your Online Printer?

March 18th, 2013 No comments

Printers Have Hard Drives
That’s right, your printer stores copies of documents on a hard drive that can be accessed, duplicated or distributed. Did you know that if you connect your printer unsecured to the internet that potentially anyone can access this data at anytime? That’s right, all those sensitive company or personal documents are at risk to internet thieves.

86,000 Unsecured Online Printers
In a recent internet search, a UK blogger found 86,000 HP printers unsecured and available. This number is staggering considering that this is not a specific problem with HP but will include virtually all major printer brands like Brother, Canon, Lexmark and more. Once you add in all the other brands, this figure will rise dramatically. Is your printer one of these?

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How To Secure Your Online Printer
Most printers come with a variety of security features, each make/ model will be different. High level security encryption and security keys used to only be available features on the larger MFP and copiers. Now most small internet ready printers have these features as well. We suggest reading your user manual on what security features are available and most importantly, Use Them!

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